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    North Arlington High School

    Mission Statement

    The mission of North Arlington High School is to provide educational and extracurricular programs that will challenge students intellectually while contributing to their physical, emotional, and social development.  Through the shared responsibility of the school and community, moral, ethical, and academic values will be taught and exemplified as contributors to a rich and rewarding life.

    In a disciplined, supportive learning environment, with equal educational opportunities available for all, students will reach their full potential as they learn to think logically, study and research independently and thrive in collaborative and meaningful activities; futhermore, students will utilize 21st Century Knowledge and Skills to build platforms geared toward College and Career Readiness.  Data-driven instruction will empower all learners and instructors, as students work towards reaching benchmarks set forth by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

    All educational and extracurricular programs will prepare students for global citizenship, lifelong learning in a technological world, and the realization of meaningful contributions to society, as a whole.  This learning community will be built upon the foundation set forth by our school motto: Pride, Loyalty, Desire.