APP Delivery Preferences

  • Picture of our app on an iPhone

    If you have installed our APP on your mobile device, please follow these instructions to make certain that you are receiving all of our notifications.  This process is only for parents/students after you log into the app:

    • Go into the APP
    • Click on “Settings”
    • Click on “Configure alerts”
    • Click on “Edit Delivery Preferences”
    • For each of the 5 categories listed (Emergency, Attendance, Balance, Survey, Other) there are 4 delivery icons representing the App, TXT/SMS, Phone, and Email -- all of which should be GREEN in color.  If an icon for a specific category is NOT green, click on that icon and move the “slider” to the GREEN position.  Here is an example:

    Picture of delivery preference settings

    • Click “Done” when finished.