Tax Calculator

  • November Ballot Question #3 - Full Day PreK 4 Program

    November 5, 2019

    Board of Education of the Borough of North Arlington 

    Preliminary Tax Impact Calculator

     •Proposed increase of $780,290 in taxes.
    •Estimated yearly increase = $163.00
    •Estimated monthly increase = $13.58
    •Estimates based on an average house value of $343,000

    Estimated Tax Impact Calculator*

    (Note:  This is not the current market value of your home or the price in which you purchased your home.  Please reference your yearly tax statement for the "assessed" value.)

    Your Average Annual Impact is:


    *Estimated calculation of the projected average annual tax impact to finance a full day PreK 4 program, based on preliminary projections. Calculator has been provided for estimating purposes only. Results are subject to change based on market conditions, 2019 net valuation of ratables, and other factors that cannot be predicted.