Board Goals (2022-2023)

    1. To continue exploring potential locations for the expansion of the PEA-funded, preschool program.
    2. To support the bid process and construction management associated with the Science Lab Renovation Project at North Arlington High School.
    3. To support the expansion of the PreK-5 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program to Veterans Middle School, which currently does not exist. 

District Goals (2022-2023)

    1. To enhance differentiated instructional practices by investigating, applying, and adopting the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework within all classrooms in order to make learning more accessible to students across all subjects, programs (e.g. ELL, IEP, 504, F/R), and other subgroups (e.g. race, gender, SES).
    2. To apply interdisciplinary learning activities specifically tied to strengthening literacy across all subject areas, which will include the development of cross-departmental rubrics, goals, classroom practices, reading assessments, and/or writing prompts.
    3. To departmentalize grades four and five in order to streamline instruction, foster the development of shared goals related to student achievement, and provide students with the opportunity to participate in transitional learning environments that prepare them for middle school.