• Thomas Jefferson School is a wonderful place to learn work, explore and have fun!  The Jefferson School motto, "Together We are Strong" speaks to the culture of our school.  We can do so much more together -when we care for and support one another, in and out of the classroom. 

    Our dedicated teachers work hard to make lessons challenging and fun.  Teachers care about each student and are minful of academics, extra- curriculars, and social emotional learning.  Our support staff and paraprofessionals are an integral part of Jefferson School and help to make the school community better in every way!

    Students are encouraged to do their very best, treat others with respect, and learn from their mistakes. As members of Jefferson School, each student will be reminded to live by the Golden Rule--treat others the way you want to be treated.  This simple philosophy, if followed, helps to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

    Jefferson School is known for its commitment to children and its community spirit.  Our PTO is active, innovative, and full of surprises!  Please keep an eye out for PTO initiatives and consider becoming a member of the PTO.  

    I am privileged to work alongside amazing teachers, aides, support staff and students!  I look forward to meeting all of the familes of Jefferson School.  Let's work together to make the 2021-2022 school year the very best!



    Marie P. Griggs