• February 2023

    As we recognize the 100th day of the school year, I'd like to highlight a few items from the 2022-23 school year thus far. In the classroom, our students have been working diligently. Our students' GPA at the mid-year point is 86.6, which is a source of pride but certainly leaves room for improvement. As we all know, attendance is an indicator of performance in the classroom, and we are proud of the fact that almost 18% of our high school students have not missed a single day of school yet this year. Keep up the great work, Vikings!


    We are extremely excited to have multiple Fall and Winter athletic teams who have made the NJSIAA Playoffs and made us all proud. Boys' Volleyball and Girls' Flag Football are two Spring sports programs we have added based on students' interests and we are looking forward to seeing them succeed and grow. Additionally, our students have been enjoying our Construction and Photography classes that are new to the course catalogue this year.


    I would like to remind all parents and students to check the Realtime only portal regularly for the most updated information regarding academic progress. Our guidance counselors and teachers do communicate regularly with our struggling students' families, but ultimately, we need to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility within our students for their own academic success. Realtime is a great tool for students and families to track academic growth. If you have any questions or are having difficulty accessing the online portal, please reach out to the Guidance Department (ext. 2053).


    Thank you all for your continued support throughout the school year!


    Patrick Bott, Principal


    201-991-6800 x 2000