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Kids of Character: June

This month, we are celebrating six Kids of Character!

In KM, Camila was nominated for always showing kindness and trying to make others feel better.


In 1P, Maria was nominated for showing perseverance.  She tries her hardest, powers through challenging obstacles, and never gives up!


In first grade, Oliver was also nominated for being a good friend to a new student.  He included her in conversations and was eager to teacher her the class routines.


In 2C, Kylie was nominated for being respectful.  She always uses her manners and greets members of our school community when she walks by.


In 4W, Nicholas was nominated for displaying teamwork and sharing many examples of how we can practice our character trait of focus for this month!  


In 5H, Sara was nominated for showing kindness when she supported a classmate by telling her she has a beautiful voice and providing encouragement.