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Edward Mistretta - NJSMA Region 1

On January 27 at Parsippany Hills High School in Morris Plains, Edward Mistretta performed with the NJSMA Region I Wind Ensemble as a qualified representative of NAHS. The audition process required months of training with countless hours of personal dedication. Edward started learning and rehearsing Guilmont’s Morceau Symphonique before the summer even began as well as improving his execution of scales and sight reading. This was Edward’s second audition attempt for this prestigious organization previously missing qualifying for the Symphonic Band by one seat.

This year, through Edward’s hard work and determination he not only qualified but placed in the higher level and more prestigious Wind Ensemble. Edwards placed 3rd out of 24 of the best high school trombonists in North Jersey. His solo score was tied with the 1st chair, he had the top score for scales and his overall score tied with the second chair. Out of the 24 auditioning students on trombone only the top 4 are selected to the Wind Ensemble and the next 9 are accepted to the Symphonic Band. Edward scored 23 points higher than the Symphonic Band 1st chair.

Additionally, because of his audition placement, he also qualified to audition for the New Jersey All-State Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Out of 32 of the best trombonists in the entire state, Edward was ranked 14th missing by only one chair. He is considered an alternate if someone is not able to participate.

Edward chose to also apply to the Region I HS Full Orchestra which takes only the top 2 trombone scores of those applying. The performance will be on February 10th and the venue is yet to be decided.  

NJSMA (North Jersey School Music Association) is a state division of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). The sponsoring school must have a music teacher who is a member of NAfME and the student must be a registered member of the school’s music department.Edward